Pennyghael Community Hall SCIO

Pennyghael Community Hall SCIO

Since 2018 both the management and development of the Pennyghael Community Hall have been in the hands of an SCIO set up especially for that purpose. Some years ago the building housed the local primary school, as a Community Centre it has been managed by various groups. Its current objective is "The provision of recreational facilities and or the organisation of recreational activites by maintaing the Community Hall for the benefit of the communities surrounding Pennyghael and the general public".

Full membership of Pennyghael Community Hall, which includes voting rights, costs £10 per annum and is open to all persons over 16 years of age, who live or own property within the community area. Associate Membership is open to those who do not qualify for Full Membership but support our aims. Associate Members do not have voting rights. Download a Membership Application Form here.

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Pennyghael Community Development Association Ltd

In 2005 the Association was registered as both a Charity and Limited Company and continued to manage the property and its development until the setting up of the SCIO.

Pennyghael Development Association

This sub-committee of the original Association was set up to manage the fundraising and purchase of the property. By 2006, the Development Association had successfully raised the funds required to purchase the building and this was completed in 2007.

Pennyghael Community Association

In 2000 the Pennyghael Community Association was set up to manage the Community Centre established in the old school building. In 2004, the Community Association was served notice to quit by the Community Hall owner, Argyll and Bute Council.

Minutes & Documents

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pdf iconPCH Minutes 30th November 2023

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pdf iconPCH Minutes 20th Apr 2023

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pdf iconPCH Minutes 9th Jan 2023

pdf iconPCH AGM Minutes 29th Mar 2022

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pdf iconPCH Newsletter Autumn 2022

pdf iconPCH Newsletter Spring 2022

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pdf iconPCH Community Survey Report 2021

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pdf iconCommunity Survey Form Jan 2021

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pdf iconPCH SCIO Constitution

pdf iconPCH Data Protection Policy and Procedure

pdf iconPCH Disciplinary Procedure

pdf iconPCH Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

pdf iconPCH Grievance Procedure

pdf iconPCH Health and Safety Policy

pdf iconPCH Lone Working Policy

Safeguarding Policy DRAFT awaiting final approval.

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