Future Plans and Funding

We're Planning to Improve the Community Centre

Post COVID plans have been prepared to make some major improvements to the Community Hall. It's a big project (for us) and would really improve the facilities in line with the suggestions from the recent Community Survey. If you would like to see a full copy of the disabled access plans you can download a pdf here:

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Raising Funds

Lockdown has meant NO funds coming in for the last year. We have completed rewiring the hall but this has taken nearly all our existing funds. We are trying to raise funds to complete several important bits of work to bring the hall up to standard. Apart from trying to find some major funders, any and all donations towards the work would be a great help.

You could send a cheque or leave a big tip when you visit us. 100% of any donation will go straight into the development fund - if you were able to Gift Aid your donation that would be even better.You can download a Gift Aid Declaration form here.

Current Local Fundraising target £84,000. Raised and Promised so far (inc. Gift Aid):

What Needs Doing

The planned improvements to the Community Hall facilities include:

  • target icon  Improved disabled access: £30,000
  • target icon  Salary for Part-Time Development Officer: £20,000 -(already donated - Thank You Adapt and Thrive!)
  • target icon  Complete and Commission Fire Alarm system: £1,500 (already donated - Thank You local resident!)
  • target icon  Refurbished Kitchen: £20,000 (already donated - Thank You Adapt and Thrive and The Waterfall Fund!))
  • target icon  Keeping the hall safe and secure: £325 a month (already donated - Thank You local residents and businesses!)
  • target icon  Redecoration and Refitting: £8,000 (already donated - Thank You Adapt and Thrive and CalMac!)
  • Pennyghael Hall Disabled Access Designs

If you would like to comment or contribute contact us

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