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Yule's Van

Photo Effie Fyfe © PPHA

Effie Fyfe remembered: " We got our groceries once a month. A traveller from Macfarlane-Shearer, Greenock came round and took an order and about a month later this was delivered by the 'Dunara Castle' and it was put onto that field just down from Kinloch Lodge [now Pennyghael Hotel] where it was picked up by the horses and carts and delivered round about to the people who had ordered them. Everything was in bulk, flour, sugar, meal were in what they called 'bolls' at that time, sacks as we know them now.

In between there was a van came round from Tobermory but most of the stuff was – by the time it got to us – a bit stale and scrappy. But there was a bread van that came down from Tobermory called Yules, and they came round to us I think on a Tuesday".

From left to right in the photo are – Mary McLean, Alick McNeil the driver, Phemie McGilvray and [unknown lady].

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