Pennyghael School annual photo, 1930's

  • Pennyghael School 1931
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Pennyghael School annual photo, 1930s

Photo: Bertie Black © PPHA

Pennyghael School annual photo, probably either 1931 or 1932. There have been several attempts to identify the children. The latest result is as follows:

Back row: L.toR. Ian MacGillivray; Calum Morrison; John Maclean; Angus MacTavish; Alan MacGillivray ; Duncan McRae;

Middle Row: R. Jessie Morrison; Rachel McRae; Agnes MacCormick; Betsy Robertson; Annie MacLean; Mrs Lexie Macdonald (teacher)

Front Row: R. [?] MacRae; Vera Morrison, Nan[cy] MacKinnon; Bunty MacPhail; Chrissie MacLean; Flora MacGilvray; Jessie MacPhail; Alasdair MacGillivray.

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